Jessica Ling Findley

Jessica’s work participates in the absurd and charming international era of sharing our self absorption. The selfie stick fad seemingly happened over night, fueled by a rapidly expanding media-savvy, camera-phone culture.


At age 16, Jessica Ling Findley left her birthplace of Omaha, Nebraska for her mother’s native Hong Kong. Being bi-racial she often felt a little lost, as if she was on the outside looking in on her family’s cultures. Ironically, when she travels, her mixed appearance leads both locals and tourists to believe she is a local too, asking her for directions.

Jessica’s work participates in the absurd and charming international era of sharing our self absorption. The selfie stick fad seemingly happened over night, fueled by a rapidly expanding media-savvy, camera-phone culture. Jessica is interested in the perceptions, fascinations, and fantasies we have about “the other”. What are the stories we tell ourselves, or are led to believe about a nation or a people before we actually encounter them? How do we fit in the picture?

Jessica is the creator of the world's only inflatable bike ride, the Aeolian Ride. In residency at Tokyo Wondersite, she animated Paper Ghosts, documenting private emotional ghosts left in public places. Exhibitions include New Museum, NY, Issue Project Room, NY, Dublin Museum of Science, School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Aeolian Ride, has led the Deitch Art Parade in NY. Grants include the Brooklyn Arts Council and the Black Rock Arts Foundation.

Selected Works

Indian Dancers wading in the Platte River, Nebraska

Nidhi and I went to study Classical Literature 📚 at the University of Nebraska Lincoln and our families thought we were insane to go  ✈️ so far from India 🇮🇳 to a place we had never seen.  They gave us both a good scholarship, so we took the plunge . Later we also took the plunge into the Platte River 🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️💦 . You can’t swim in the Missouri River. It’ll kill you. ☠️ We took a long drive🚙 to the Platte River and went tubing. 🍩 There is no symbol for inner tube so a donut will do. 😜 #india #dancer #timetouristselfie #portait #UNL #MissouriRiver #scholarship #tubing #selfie #timetouristselfies #recycledart #upcycledart #photobomb #desertlandscape #landscapepainting #jessicafindley #jessicalingfindley #sonicribbon

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Dogon in Finland

Originally, when Sanjay came to us we assumed he was another ancient 👽 aliens tourist visiting to pay to watch our rituals, but he wanted us to have a funeral ceremony for his teacher in Finland. 🗻He told us his story, how his teacher who had kept the old traditions and myths of Finland had been stabbed by Sanjay’s brothers. 🙈He felt so sad for those who loved the teacher he wanted a special funeral ceremony. Normally, we would say no, but there was something in Sanjays tale of the treasurer of the myth who knew magic secrets of the body Sanjay could share. ✨Nommo and I were entranced. It was a pain to get the masks on the airplane, ✈️ let me tell you. 🤦🏾‍♂️We brought Mr Koyo with us to help. 🙆🏾‍♂️The cabin we stayed in was especially small but the people were friendly and they really appreciated the ceremony. Oh and the secrets Sanjay shared with us of the magic body, worth it.💫

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Korean Nobles in the Chihuahuan Desert

My sisters to the desert to help me with my sugar addiction. 😬 They thought if they could get me away from the bad foods they could save me from myself. We got an Airbnb and they cooked every meal and it was so natural and delicious. 🥕🥦🍅It worked for a while but, I couldn’t stop the craving. 👹 It felt like cheating when I started to use the donut emoji a lot to text our mom. 🍩 She told me to cut it out, so I started googling pictures of donuts and imagining how they would taste. 👅 It made me think about this short story I read in grad school about a woman describing all the actions of making and eating the perfect piece of toast with butter on it. 🍞🥞OMG. Genius.🍦So I started to write dessert food porn like this.🍧 Nothing sexy-sexy, 🍰🍫just describing every sprinkle and glaze with explicit vigor. 🍭Then Mee-hyun found the notebooks. 😱She made me burn them and promise not to write. 🙅🏻‍♀️So I did. 😩 But I stayed up all night googling native sweet plants. Agave was to complicated to extract, but prickly pear! Tonight I will my phone, and sneak out into the night to find this magical fruit. They say it tastes like watermelon bubblegum. 🍉🍬👀

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Women of Herrero on Vacation in Alba

I love Navitaa. 🌞 She has been here for me all my life. When we got the opportunity to present the history of the ohorokhova to the fashion school in Spain I knew she would be the first one to get on the plane with me. ✈️ She packed the textiles and helped me plan the speech.  We told the students how we took the Victorian clothing of the German colonizers who killed over 65,000 people of Herero, calling us subhuman for working with cattle, and made this scar into a story we carry and pass down.  We wear the horns of the cattle in the oshikaiva with pride. 🐂 It still surprises us how few people know our story. Through the ohorokhova we can share it with our children, and with the world and hopefully help put an end to colonial amnesia. 🙏

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Japanese Ladies Travel Milan

When Kazuko became ill with Paris Syndrome 👩🏻‍🎨 👀 last year we vowed never to return to the Seine. 👘👘 So we grabbed our getas and made our way to Milan. ☕️☕️ It was not a disappointment! Infact, many locals complained that Milan was not so great compared to other Italian cities. 🤷🏻‍♀️ In a way it felt like the Tokyo of Japan, busy with fashion and food woven with the traditional architecture and mannerisms. 🍕🍷I loved it 💕 and Kazuko felt fabulous.

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Papa New Guiniean on the Hudson River

☀️🌙Mama always said we could not marry from our own tribe. 🔥I always had a crush on Tessie. I buried my feelings for her but they really died when🎯 Tabitha from Hudson New York showed up to bring free dental work to my village. She told me “You have perfect teeth! I won’t need to see you again.” And this broke my heart.💔 Well, TBH I knew I had perfect teeth, because I am the local dentist. I had actually come to tell this dentist without borders to leave my town and my clients alone. But as soon as I stepped into her office I saw her beautiful smile and I just sat right down and let her examine me. ❣️She did a thorough job, which made it harder to hate her. So I decided instead to write her a note to come visit me at my dental offices. She came the next day, and was very surprised to see my state of the art equipment. “I guess there has been a mistake and I should go back home”. 😿It turned out her tooth was bothering her and I fixed her up on the spot and she said that she never had such amazing work done before. 😎When she left my office I was heart broken a second time. 💔💔And then a third when she flew back to her practice in Hudson. 💔💔💔I thought about her all the time. When I got a pain in my molar I decided to see Dr Tabitha in Hudson. 🤓Let’s just say it was the most fun I ever had getting a root canal.💘

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Zapatistas on the Caspian Sea

When Emiliano found out I had been dressing as a man all these years to fight along side him for our freedom, he was stunned. 😳We had a secret fling and disappeared on the Caspian sea for a while. 🌊⛵️🌊 It was rough waters most of the time but we returned home recharged and ready rejoin the battle! 🇲🇽

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Korean Women Visit Switzerland

It was Ji Su’s idea that we come to Switzerland 🏔🏔for the Alpine Beard Festival in Chur. Mi Sun was all for it, the two of them really have a thing for bearded men. 🧔🏿🧔🏼🧔🏽🧔🏾🧔🏻Me, not so much. I am here strictly for the fondue. 🍯🧀They can have all the hairy faced men they want, I want unlimited hot cheese to dip tasty morsels into. 🥢So far, the trip has been a success. 🍾Ji Su, met a handsome vegomel maker (a wooden snow bike!) 🚴🏻‍♂️who has named his 8 year old beard Dario.🧔🏼 And Mi Sun has met a kind hermit who’s well groomed 20 year old beard won the competition🎅🏼, she’s thinking of moving in. and I am now engaged to Elias, the local cheese maker who caters the beard festival every year! ✨💍✨

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Korean Girl Dives Kauaii

On my 16th birthday Mom and Dad threw me a party sailboat in Hawaii. 🌴🌈🌴We had a feast and everyone got dressed up. Then OMG, dolphins 🐬 kept swimming in front of our boat. It was so exciting! When we anchored for lunch, I wanted to swim but I forgot my suit. 🤷🏻‍♀️Mom said just swim in your hanbok! She had extra clothes packed so I jumped in. 🏊‍♀️The water was warm. 🌊Everyone started to shout at me “Ava! Ava! Look!” 👀and I didn’t realize why until I was surrounded by a pod of dolphins. 🐬🐬🐬🌟🌸It was amazing. 🌸🌟They let me come so close, I could feel the sonar in my body! I will never forget this perfect day. 🎁❤️💜

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Kenyan Girls Holiday in Paros

Paros was soooooo fun! Kingasunye and I spent most of our time riding 🚲 and  swimming👙 in crystal blue 🐟🐠coves and exploring the fishing villages which were adorable. We were happy to skip the crowds of Mykonos. Perfect girls trip. 👌 Next year, Iceland!!🐋

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Inuit Children Enjoying Belcastel

Our grade-school had a summer 🗺exchange this year and Killik, Amaruq, Jessika and I got the best grades so we got to go to to Belcastel. 🥇It was pretty cool until, OMG, at lunch Killik bet us she could eat her spaghetti🍝 the fastest. 🧐But that made no sense because Killik has always been the slowest eater. We are always like come on let’s go Killik. She’s so slow. 🤑I said “Ok, let’s bet, what do we get if we win?” She said, if I lose I make all your beds for a month. 👌👍If I win...” well she won and you can see the results in this picture. 🙀It was a good 86 degrees outside, 👹I bet it was 102 inside our coats. 😡I got to give it to Killik for her effort on this one.👸🏻Plus we felt a little less homesick in our anoraks. 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

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Maharajis on Tour Kentucky

Prem pal, Mamat Ji and Papa and I took a trip to Kentucky. 🍁This was before Prem received the messages from the Divine💫, I guess because Papa was still getting them. ⚡️ Prem scored a pony🐴, I was V jealous of baby bro, but Papa said, “Don’t worry Satpal, one day you will take over as a spiritual guide and all the ponies will be yours.” 🦄🦄🦄Of course, that never happened. When Papa died, 8 year old Prem jumped up pointing to himself “Papa is still here!” Mamat Ji figured it was a sign from the Divine, and he became Guru Maharaji Ji. 👳🏽‍♀️TBH I was kind of relieved, being a guru is hard work, everyone is watching drop #peacbombs ALL the time. ✌️💣

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Hawaiians Visit Haarlem

Leilani, Kaimana and I loved our summer trip to Haarlem, Netherlands. We brought the ukulele and had a picnic with the ducks but the castle. 🦆It was a little chilly but we warmed up when we danced. Kaimana wanted to move into the castle but I reminded her that they only have the small kine waves in that pond 🌈

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Aztecs Tour Toledo

Maya always wanted to travel. We finally earned enough from dance performances so that we could take the whole family. Hard to believe after 1920 we danced in secret for 9 years. 9 years. 👺It was no easy task to put it together, but when it happened it was powerful. 🐲Fernando knew the best hiding spots to hold the secret dances. 🌘I’ll admit the spirit has changed from the old days, more flash and less spirit. 💥⚡️But I still see it in Maya and in certain dancers. 💫They are not just in it to shake their tail feathers. 🦆They really show the passion for life.  We dance anywhere in world now.🌏🌍🌎

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Balinese Holiday in Lisbon

Guess what?!! I changed my name to Beatriz. 🔥In Bali we only have 8 names and they are based in rank. My name is Made. You say “Mah-Day”. It is the name for the second born, my elder is sibling Putu and my younger  is Komang. ☁️Imagine every one in America used the names of the children in the Brady Bunch.👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👧‍👦 Well, I would be Jan and so would 1/6 of the population. 🥑We do have nicknames, to help with confusion but I never got one. When I moved to Lisbon with the dance ensemble, I fell in love with the name Beatriz. 🏵 I really wanted that Z on the end of my name. I got it embroidered on my jean jacket in gold thread. 🌟💫BE-A-TRIZ! 💫🌟Bagus! 💕💕💕

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English Royals Tour the Mojave

North and I always wanted to go to Mojave! 🌵🌞 It was incredibly dry and sucked all the moisturizer out of my skin. North loved the flamingo phone case Auntie @kourtneykardash bought her. Kanye stayed behind but he missed a great view. @_north.west_  , and the bun🥚 in the oven and I missed you boo @kanyewestt_official  😘💕@kimkardashian

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