Qais Al-Sindy

His art follow the examples of Picasso and Jean Arp in undermining the concept of the artist's obligation to maintain a single cohesive style/


In his Art, Qais Al-Sindy uses varieties of media; (painting, installation, video, conceptual, performances…etc.), yet, he focus on painting; and find himself as a ‘Painter’ through pigments and colors on canvas. 

His Art explores the world we are living in, and travel the inner feeling of the human being and how they connect to each other with their various beliefs, mentalities and politics. The receiving- of each other- is yet another of life’s “here’s a side of hurt” lessons and it is never truly acceptance unless it has cost us something to arrive there; inadequate yet true. His vital point is to raise questions started with: “Why?” and embed endless answers between the fold of the artwork. The questions that he asks through his art, is to find answers with the audience, relying on their own interpretations and backgrounds. In spite of the differences of the answers, the results are most likely pour in the same channel that brings both aesthetic pleasure and aesthetic concern.

Being an Iraqi born artist residing currently in the United States, many experiences have influenced the evolution of his art and reshaped it accordingly. The multi-cultural background offered me wide and analytical vision in approaching the humanistic issues that help to make –here and there- better place to live in.

Furthermore, Al-Sindy sees his artworks in general, are revealing the shutter of the -outside- world, and helping the people to feel and share what are going on any spot in this world; leading to consolidate the concept of peace, hope and love. 

Qais Al-Sindy was born in Baghdad (1967) and currently resides in California- USA. He received B.Sc., college of Engineering, Baghdad University in 1989. Thereafter, he started to study Art. In 2000, he received BA, Academy of Fine Arts, in Baghdad University in which he got his MFA (Master in Fine Art) in 2004.

Since his well-received exhibition (Letters don’t burn) in Dar Al-Anda, Amman-Jordan (2007), Al-Sindy’s works expanded Worldwide, espically for his Solo Exhibitions; February 12th, Solo Exhibition (Lovers), San Diego, USA- (2016), (You…&I), E C Gallery, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles- (2015), (Deferred Dreams), Syra Art Gallery, Washington –DC- (2014), Two Artist Exhibit (Encoded Histories) with Doris Bittar, San Diego Mesa College, CA, - (2014),  (Return to the Garden of Eden), Washington DC- - (2014), (Colorful Concepts) Ro’iya Art Studio- Jeddah, Kingdom Saudi of Arabia- (2013),. (The Struggle for Survival), Foresight Art Gallery/ Amman- Jordan- (2012), (Reconciliation with Oneself), Arts Gallery- Kuwait- (2012), (Who Knows What the Hoopoe Said?), 4-Walls Art Gallery- Dubai, United Arab Emirates- (2012), (The Lost Paradise), Orient Art Gallery, Amman-Jordan - (2011), (Endless Peace) at United Nation Headquarter in New York- (2009), (Secrets of the other half), California, USA- (2009), (Love and Peace), Endangered Planet gallery, Laguna beach, CA, USA- (2008), (Mamdooh), Fribourg city/ Switzerland- (2007).

Moreover, Al-Sindy, has participated in numerous collective exhibitions all over the world: for example but not limited to: (East and West…Crossroads) - Demouzy Contemporary, New York- (2016), (The Night and the Desert Know Me)- Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery at Smith Center for Healing and the Arts, Washington- DC- (2016), San Diego Art Fair (2015), Altered Horizons- San Diego Mesa College- (2014), (Mesopotamia Art and Artists in Diaspora), Collective Exhibition of five artists. Edgar Varlea Fine Arts (EVFA) Gallery- Los Angeles- (2011), 12th International Cairo Biennale, Cairo- Egypt-(2010), (Us), Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates- (2010). 2191 Days and Count- Brooklyn, New York (2009)…etc.

Al-Sindy has been subject to many interviews in many TV and Radio channels including: Al-Hurra- DC (2017), Al Iraqia (2016), Fox 5 News (2014), Al-Arabia, Dubai, (2012), Kuwait National Channel (2012), mbc group, Media City, Dubai, (2009), Radio France (2003). In addition, Al-Sindy was selected by The National Council for Culture, Arts & Letters to be a jury member in the Annual National Plastic Exhibition in Kuwait (2012). As well as, he was interviewed in many Arabian and National newspapers and magazines.

The Musicians Family
16 x 12

When I visited Museum of Modern Art in New York for the first time, I was very impressed with the Picasso's (Three Musicians), which is a large painting in the style of Synthetic Cubism. It is part of series painted while Picasso was with his young family in the Fontaineblueau in the summer of 1921.I created this Artwork( The Musician Family) in mix of Expressionism and Cubism Style. I feel that this family; Father, Son and Daughter are playing their favorite sonata while the mother is preparing the dinner, yet she will play on Piano, while they will prepare tea. It’s the passion of love of music in a very talented family.

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Let’s Begin Again
Oil on Canvas
16 x 20

Life is full of unexpected and unexplained things and situations. We may experience failure and depression. We may come across times when we have to let go, although reluctantly. At these moments of life, hope and motivation are the only things that can help us out of it.It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default.Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it, begin it now.

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Passion in Red
Oil on Canvas
60 x 84

Red is the color of life. It's blood, passion, rage. Vermilion is menstrual flow and after birth. Beginnings and violent end. Scarlet is the color of love. Beating hearts and hungry lips. Roses, Valentines, cherries. Red is the color of rebirth. Crimson cheeks and spilled blood. Broken hearts, opened veins. A burning desire to find your real lover and stay with him/her.

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The Man who carried his Grey Horse
Oil on Fine Art Paper
18 x 24 Framed

The theme of 'Horses' is always my favorite in many of my art series. Here, I have been inspired by a poem of Caroline Elizabeth Sarah NortonShe stated in her peom:MY beautiful! my beautiful! that standest meekly by With thy proudly arched and glossy neck, and dark and fiery eye; Fret not to roam the desert now, with all thy winged speed- I may not mount on thee again-thou'rt sold, my Arab steed! Fret not with that impatient hoof-snuff not the breezy wind- The further that thou fliest now, so far am I behind; The stranger hath thy bridle rein-thy master hath his gold- Fleet-limbed and beautiful! farewell! -thou'rt sold, my steed-thou'rt sold! ...

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Lovers’ expectancy
Acrylic and Oil on Mat Board
19.2 x 25.75 Framed

Many of people saw this artwork in which they sensed a deep feeling coming out of the figures over this canvas. Some of them found themselves in these figures, and felt their stories are represented in this painting. This made me feel that my resource of creating is always the feeling and experience that I get from people I meet in my life. Since they are true feeling, everybody will see himself/herself in that position.

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Oil on Canvas
36 x 48

"I like exploring different layers in human-being personality. Integrity and pride are the most characteristics that people try to hold in their personality. Here, mixing the expressionism and cubism, I tried to show how a man show his integrity through his face gestures."

Do You Agree?
Acrylic/Oil on Canvas
24 x 24

"Capturing the inner feeling of the lovers is my main concern in creating my art especially in the long series of lovers. Love, is the secret of life, in which we can solve all the problems accumulation in our globe. love defeat hatred, and triumph upon the feud and hostility."

A White Heart Friend
Acrylic/Oil on Cardboard
20 x 25.3

"Don’t ask me my friend how my lover looks like. You can find his face in the flutter of butterflies, in the ocean, in the breathing of dales and in the song of every nightingale…his ship is already anchored."

My Red Hair Lover
Acrylic on Cardboard
18 x 24

That there are associations with red hair that I utterly reject and others I wear proudly means nothing to anyone else, since I don't get to choose how the observer sorts those same traits. Grazing through the stereotypes, I am on the delicatessen plan, winding a way over the menu offerings, picking, choosing and rejecting; adhering to some, dismissing others. Having adopted a method of personal vigilance that allows me to be on the lookout for associations that suffuse my color with preferred associations and to reject those I choose not to adopt, I enhance my self-image. But to other people my red hair is more a take-it-or-leave-it experience: Red-haired, to them, I may also be a certain type of person, complete with temperament.”

Pink Serenity of Lovers
Oil on Canvas
16 x 20

The war usually attends any wedding in my town.

Lovers become prepared and well trained to dance with her.

She sits quiet when they are kissing each other.

Sometimes, the war smiles when they promise each other an endless love.

This war is domesticated,

and lovers learn to enjoy after washing dust off.

They go on honeymoon after she returns home.

Rana Jaafar Yaseen

How long can my soul stand
Oil on Canvas
16 x 20

A Mothers Song

You hold a mothers love

outside a ghosted house

quiet whispers grieve

with each breath -

Up. Down. Up. Down.

Entwine your mourning

having the tart taste

of a cherry

and the sticky sweetness

of a fig

that lingers on

in the childs mind

cradled in the mothers arms

in the strength of your palm.

She has yet to really know

the fiery breath

of home.

Kat Kambes

Quiet Dawn
Oil on Canvas
16 x 120

We looked at the map

We crossed all these rivers

Searching for the new god

The priests said

He was born for our sake

When we found his birthplace

We saw humans, like us,

Mourning him in somber processions

We walked with them

They told us

About all those rivers they crossed

Searching for the new god

The priests said

He died for their sake

Sinan Antoon

Pearls from Homeland Paradise
Oil on Canvas
16 x 20

I invite certitude.

Stars come down to help.

Oceans unify.

As we leave our past stories to break away, we dress up.

Such a joy!!

I walk this path, onward, perpetuating this unstoppable resurrection.

I just walk…

A book is in my purse.

Light is within me.

I embrace one word: rise.

Suns, like beads, surround my ivory neck.

Rana Jaafar Yaseen

Remnants of a Journey
Oil on Canvas
16 x 20

Inside the man's head

Memories of...

Time that was stopped

And time that just began, memories of...

Fragrances colors echo of laughter

Orchards and Palms.

Small planet when talking about galaxies.

But vast and cold when talking about humanity seeking a warm embrace.

Einas Khorshid Fahoum

Veneration of Silence
Oil on Canvas
16 x 20

This Painting is one of a long series I am working on, the series of exile and travel. To show how the inner feeling of people who have to move and get displaced. It's a trip to unknown destiny, yet, not giving up good faith and hope.

Oil on Canvas
31.59 x 39.5 Framed

So many

in one

filled with want & desire

you break apart

a comet leaving

the worlds atmosphere

a shadow existence

to take


the jeans, the jar, the lipstick, the house

fade as a memory

visited long, long ago

while we look on -

as fish going

up stream

the stiffening of breasts

the inability of a hand

the question of a mate


Kat Kambes