San Diego Mayor Proclamation ALEJANDRO SALAZAR DAY September 28, 2017
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Sculptor John Dupree sold both Original Steel Cubes to one collector in Del Mar, CaliforniaRepresented by Alexander Salazar Fine Art Additional Works Available by Commission
Patricia Mcnabb Martin Sold Two Original Works to collectors from Orange, CA.
Represented by Alexander Salazar Fine Art 
Art For Your Car Garage?
Recently, a La Jolla Art and Exotic Car Collector Asked Salazar if her would be offended if he purchased art for his car garage because he had ran out of space in his home - the results are fabulous!
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Photo Album
‍Original Work by Salazar Sold to Corporate Collection in Little Italy
‍Artists McNabb Martin, Alexander Salazar, Gallery Assistant Andrew Brewer and Art Dealer Mele Bradley
[New Work by GUSTAF ROOTHAcrylic on Canvas $3,800
Monumental Triptych by SALAZARAvailable - Price Upon
Monumental Diptych by SALAZARAvailable - Price Upon
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